Earlybirds Discount Ends &
Prices Increases in:

Create Ultra-Fast Loading Personal Or Business Websites Using Built-In A.I. ANNA

Customizable Templates & Design Blocks for FASTER Website Creation

Easy to use. No Coding Or Technical Skills Required

Built-in Blogging & eCommerce Platform

Automatically Create iOS & Android Apps Of Your Website As PWA

Enjoy FREE Hosting. Use Your Own Domain Or Our Domain

Free Commercial License Included To Help You Start Your Own Web Design & Mobile App Agency

Create & Sell Websites & Mobile Apps That Are:

  • Fully ADA + GDPR Compliant
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Include FREE SSL Certificate
  • Mobile Apps For iOS, Android & iPadOS
  • Auto SEO Optimized
  • Fully Optimized For Top Google Ranking

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included


People Are Absolutely LOVING AISellers!

"AISellers is brilliant! I'm just starting out in digital marketing and was so overwhelmed trying to learn all the different skills like making videos, writing sales copy, designing websites, etc. This app makes it dead simple - I just put in the details and the AI generates amazing marketing campaigns tailored to my clients automatically. It's like having an entire creative agency team but without the huge costs. If you're new to online marketing or simply want to scale your agency, AISellers is an absolute game changer. 5 stars!"
Affiliate Marketer
"As a freelancer and mum of two, I have very little spare time so efficiency is critical. AISellers has been an answer to my prayers. Simply entering a few client details generates a huge range of marketing materials tailored to their specific business - promo videos, social posts, email sequences, landing pages, the works. The artificial intelligence even uses text-to-speech to create voiceovers saving me tons of production time. I can now take on more clients and maximise my income in a fraction of the time. If you need to scale up your freelancing business, you need AISellers, full stop!"
Digital Agency Owner

Now You Can Create Beautiful Websites &
Mobile Apps
Using AI In Just 3 Simple Steps…


Enter Keyword


Answer A Couple Of Questions


Publish & Sell

No Matter What Type Of Business

SMARTBLOKS Is Your One-Stop Shop For Building STUNNING
Websites & Mobile Apps Quick-n-Easy

Igor started creating websites years ago, going on to learn coding and mastering his creativity to build websites for other businesses, helping him make over $800,000 on UpWork, creating websites. He now manages his own team who does all the work while expands his web development agency online.

Muhammad made over $650,000 on Freelancer, creating websites fo r over 213 people. He has been a top website developer on Freelancer.com for year and has a lot of repeat clients who come back to him and his team to design websites for them.

Chirag and Daditza made $23,055 and $76,570 for creating websites for others on Fiverr. Just like many other freelancers on Fiverr, both of them started small a few months ago and have gone on to generate thousands of dollars by creating and selling website development services to other local and online businesses in their free time.

in action >>

SMARTBLOKS Is Built For Entrepreneurs
& Marketers Across All Levels

Nothing To Download Or Install

No Prior Experience Needed. Zero Learning Curve

Newbie-Friendly - Created Keeping Both First Timers’ And Part-Timers In Mind

Experience Blazing-Fast Loading Websites

Websites built with SmartBloks

Websites built with other
site builders

Over 547,200

New Websites & 1,300 Mobile
Apps Are Created & Sold


This got stuck in my “Entrepreneurial Brain”

And further research showed

81% of people research a business or service on the internet prior to making a purchase decision. That’s 25.92 million people searching for businesses online.

If a business doesn’t have a website, they have no chance at capturing a share of this market.

Your website and mobile app are available 24/7/365 even when you’re not.

A website acts as your “always-on” business advo-cate during and outside of office hours. And the mobile apps makes your business available in the palm of target audience.

The 21st century consumer is a skeptic; in fact, 56% of people stated that they won't trust a business without a website and app.

Having a good website and an app instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.

First impressions count, and websites allow you to make a very strong impression with a well-designed introduction for your business.

A website and a mobile app can help showcase your expertise and better position your business.

These can be your number one tool for standing out in a crowd.


“But I use Funnels in place of
Websites & Mobile Apps”

You need to think again


  • Generate FREE (Organic) Traffic when people reach your website via Google, Bing, Play Store & Apple App Store
  • Helps you build trust & brand
  • Educate your market and build rela-tionship
  • Two-Way communication with your audience


  • Can't Generate Traffic on their own.
    No traffic - No List - No Sell
  • Only good for selling a product
  • Only provides information about a specific product
  • One-way communication


Every Business Needs A
Professional Website & Mobile App!

When it comes to doing business online


But even with such high-demand (that has also seen an exponential increase since last year when the current pandemic FORCED business to move ONLINE)...

...it’s surprising to see NOT MANY people jumping in to tap into this over 840 billion dollars industry.

Reason:Web Designing & Mobile App Development Require


People Are Absolutely LOVING AISellers!

"My mates and I run a digital marketing agency together. Creating custom videos, landing pages, opt-ins, ebooks, and ads for all our clients was becoming exhausting. But then we found AISellers! This brilliant app uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate optimized marketing campaigns tailored to each client in minutes. We simply provide business details and AISellers creates websites, 32 different video styles, graphics, emails, and more. It's like having a 24/7 creative team without the costs! AISellers handles all the hard work so we can focus on winning new accounts. It's an absolute game changer for any agency or marketing professional. Wish we had it sooner!"
"Before using AISellers, I was constantly overwhelmed trying to handle content creation for my clients in my digital marketing agency. It was negatively impacting both my mental health and my business. But ever since integrating AISellers into my workflow, my stress levels and workload have drastically reduced! Now the AI automatically generates a huge variety of optimized marketing assets for each of my clients with just a few clicks. I simply provide the business details and the artificial intelligence handles the rest. I'm able to take on more clients without burnout. AISellers has been a total game changer for my agency and my own wellbeing. I wish I had found it sooner!"
Online Entrepreneur

A Couple Of Options For Anyone Wanting To Start A Web Designing & Mobile App Development Agencies Are:



This option is best suited for the hard working ones...

Learn the Basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

These are the nuts and bolts of all website development that you’ll work with daily if you decide to build websites for a living.

HTML dictates the structure

CSS will make it look pretty

JavaScript will make it function

Learn to use WordPress – And Pay More For Paid Plugins & Themes

But it’s true… there are no free launches. If you want to use WordPress… there are a bunch of EXTRA things you’re going to need and a few risks you’ll always be prepared to take…

You Need Lots of Plugins For Additional Features (and these are going to COST you money!)

  • Slow Page Speed – this is the #1 conversion-killer. Audiences who leave because of slow loading websites NEVER return.
  • Poor SEO Ranking – this will lead your website to be ranked on some 149th page or something. So – say goodbye to Organic (FREE) Traffic.
  • Website Vulnerability – this leaves your website susceptible to getting hacked and spammed.
  • Website Can Go Down Without Notice – this is #2 conversion killer. Remember – no one shops on a website that suddenly shuts down.

Learn How To Use Adobe Photoshop or Sketch - be prepared to spend countless hours perfecting it.

Learn SQL that helps you store information and PHP, 'scripting' language that places or pulls stuff from a database

Learn the Basics of SEO that will help you rank your website on Google.

Learn complex Mobile app programming languages, database, app publishing, paying extra fees for publishing your apps on app stores


This is best suited for the lazy ones…


Web Designers Either Charge By The Hour Or A Flat Fee Per Project. Be Prepared To Spend A HUGE Amount Of Money Before You Make Your First Dollar:


Reasonably skilled freelance web designers make about $75 per hour. This figure can vary though, according to CSS-Tricks.

Website Builder Expert estimates that the cost to design a website is $30 to $80 per hour and the cost to develop it is $100 to $180 per hour.


Here’s a basic web design price list:

  • Setup: $160
  • Design and building: $5,000
  • Content creation: $500
  • Client training: $600
  • Maintenance: $500

Total: $6,760


The median annual salary for software developers:
$112,921. + $37,500 more in paid benefits.




Here Are Some Companies That Offer Web Design & Mobile App Services...And Charge A Bomb!

SCARY… Right!

But - I was too committed to the idea of tapping into this MASSIVE and EVER-GROWING industry.

After spending thousands of dollars and months of hard work… I along with my partner and team was able to create an option that was afforr-able and helped anyone to create a STUNNING website and professional mobile app in just 60 seconds using AI.


The Ultimate Website & Mobile App Designing
Software Powered By AI

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included


The Quickest Way To Create & Sell Websites &
Mobile Apps To Businesses



Enter Keyword or Pick A Template

Just enter a keyword or select your industry and hit ‘Enter’. The built-in AI creates a unique website & PWA mobile app for you in real time. If you want you can also simply pick a template and get started.


Answer Questions

Simply answer a few questions about your business type, color theme, logo, and contact details


Publish & Sell

Publish the website & PWA mobile app and get paid

Just Name The Site

& SMARTBLOKS Will Create It For You Within Minutes!

Local Business Websites

Boost your local business with a professional and effective website, attracting local customers and enhancing your online visibility.

Sales Pages

Create impactful sales pages to drive conversions and increase revenue, turning visitors into satisfied customers.

E-commerce Websites / Stores

Set up and manage online stores effortlessly, attracting customers and boosting sales, providing a seamless shopping experience.


Share your thoughts and ideas through a personalized and user-friendly blog, connecting with your audience on a personal level.

Magazine / Info. Websites

Build informative websites or online magazines with engaging content, becoming a go-to source for valuable information.

Mobile Apps

Transform your website into a mobile app, providing a seamless experience for users on the go, expanding your reach across different devices.

Portfolio Websites

Showcase your work and projects with a stunning online portfolio that leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators.

Educational Websites

Easily create websites for courses, training, and educational content, making learning accessible and engaging for your audience.

Non-Profit Websites

Engage your audience with features for donations, volunteering, and raising awareness, fostering a community dedicated to your cause.

Event Websites

Effectively promote and manage events, making organization a breeze, ensuring your events are memorable and well-attended.

Personal Websites

Establish your online presence with blogs, resumes, and personal branding, telling your unique story to the world.

Creative Websites

Tailored for artists, musicians, and creative professionals to showcase their talents, providing a platform to express creativity effortlessly.

Landing Pages

Perfect for marketing campaigns and capturing leads with focused and compelling content, driving conversions with a captivating first impression.

Forums and Community Sites

Build thriving online communities and discussion platforms with ease, fostering meaningful interactions among your audience

Health and Wellness Sites

Create websites for healthcare professionals, clinics, and wellness coaches, promoting well-being in a digital space.

Real Estate Websites

Showcase property listings, realtor profiles, and market trends for a robust online presence, helping clients find their dream properties.

… and the list goes on

in action >>

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included


When It Comes To Web & Mobile
App Design Agencies…

SMARTBLOKS’s Limitless Features Put
You On Top Of The Charts

Drag-n-Drop Interface

We’re putting every beginner’s worry at bay!

You don’t have to be a tech genius to simply drag and drop features to create your successful website and mobile app. Simply choose the block and drag to customize and add onto your site instantly!

SMARTBLOKS is so easy because it is powered by our intuitive technology that knows your preferences and effortlessly builds the site and mobile app on your behalf.

What’s more is that SMARTBLOKS now features new design blocks that lets you build sleek websites that supports dropdown menu, video background, external page menu – on top of the basic web features you can add to your creation.

Now you can make big profits with zero effort.

iOS & Android Mobile App Creator

Why limit yourself to websites? SMARTBLOKS lets you tap into the huge demand in mobile apps for iOS and Android without coding anything.

In fact, you can instantly convert the websites you create with SMARTBLOKS into PWA which creates Google app store-ready Android and also iOS mobile apps that you can sell to local clients or use for your own.

With mobile apps becoming all the rage in local businesses, this can easily double, if not triple, your profit from SMARTBLOKS.

Turn Existing Websites Into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Transform your websites into Progressive PWAs seamlessly within the SmartBloks app itself.It's a game-changer, allowing you to create mobile apps for your clients with ease. Give your clients the best of both worlds – a sleek website and a user-friendly mobile app… This nearly doubles the profits you make per cllient

Cutting-Edge Tech:

SmartBloks is way ahead of others like AIWA, AIWA22, PixelArmorAI, Webilo, and Wix.

We're always at the forefront of innovation, giving you access to the most advanced tools and features to create stunning websites and apps that stand out from the crowd.

Top-Notch Performance:

No more sluggish loading times and frustrating glitches!

Our system is meticulously optimized to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring your website or app operates seamlessly, boasting an impres-sive 99.99% uptime.

New Modern & 100% Customizable Templates:

Explore the new era of effortless design with SMARTBLOKS – where creativity meets simplicity.

No need to start from scratch; simply pick a template, tailor it to your liking, and watch your website or mobile app come to life in minutes.

Diverse Designs

Unleash creativity with a wide array of fantastic templates. Find the perfect match for your needs, ensuring a visually stunning online presence.

Fresh Templates Every Month:

Monthly updates bring new, exciting templates, keeping your website or app aligned with the latest trends. Stay dynamic and engaging effortlessly.

Wide Choices

Access a broad selection, ensuring you effortlessly find the perfect template to showcase your content or promote your services.

Check out a few of these templates:

AI Website & App Creation Made Easy

Rapid Website Creation

Use AI to make websites quickly. It's easy and saves time. Create your site without any delays, so you can focus on making it just the way you want.

AI Writer

Say goodbye to writer's block with our AI Writer! Instantly generate content for any section of your website in mere seconds. This feature ensures you never run out of words, making website creation a breeze.

Generate Personalized Websites using AI (ANNA)

Meet ANNA, your AI assistant for personalized website creation! In under 60 seconds, ANNA crafts a fully personalized website by asking a few questions and using your feedback. ANNA continuously learns from each website generated, ensuring improved designs in the future.

100+ New & Beautiful Design Blocks

Never run out of design inspiration! Choose from over 100 design blocks to accelerate website development.

These beautiful design blocks, categorized for convenience, enable you to create a full web-site in less than 3 minutes, making the process faster and more efficient.

ClickDesigns Integration

Effortlessly bring your ClickDesigns designs into Smartbloks for your websites. No need to start your image or banner designs from scratch. If you have existing designs in ClickDesigns, simply import them into Smartbloks, saving you time and ensuring a seamless design integration process.

Enjoy 100% Secure & ADA Compliant Websites With AI


SMARTBLOKS has a full blown ADA widget for every website. Make all your sites all-inclusive and ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant.

You can choose to turn the widget on or off right inside the editor.

SMARTBLOKS ADA Widget Supports 15 Languages & Has The Following Features:

Screen Reader

Text To Speech

Virtual Keyboard

Navigation Keys

Readable Fonts

Dyslexia Friendly

Hide Images

Content Scaling

Text Magnifier

Epilepsy Safe Mode

Blindness Mode

Visually Impaired Mode

ADHD Friendly Mode

Cognitive Disability Mode

And Much More…

This saves you thousands of dollars in lawsuits and also hundreds of dollars if you use an external service (external ADA widget).

Website Importer

Easily import ANY existing website into SMARTBLOKS, edit it and resell it or save as your own.

Or download from 10,000s of free HTML website templates, import them as SMARTBLOKS templates and create new websites.

Quadruple your profit from each website by selling it as a customizable template to your clients…letting you earn $1000s a pop for something you can do in a few clicks.

SMARTBLOKS lets you freely import and export any kind of HTML/CSS website by either using the URL Import option so you can instantly showcase it online or use the Zip Import option for an offline version of your web template.

Turn each website you create into an evergreen money-making asset.

SEO Optimized

SMARTBLOKS websites have been designed to top the charts and make you #1. This can only happen when your website ranks within the top 3 on Google each time one searches.

All our content is optimized to make you rank higher and make more profits. Rule search engines without paying an extra buck to external agencies!

Advanced SEO Settings At Your Fingertips


Guide search engines through the structured layout of your content, ensuring every corner of your site gets the attention it deserves.


Dictate which parts of your site are accessible to search engine crawlers, empowering you to shape your online visibility strategically.

Cover image

Make a captivating first impression when your site appears in search results.

Page Description

Increase your click-through rates by creating an enticing Page Description that concisely conveys the core of your content.


Boost your website's visibility by smartly using the right words that matter.

Create Email Campaigns

Unleash the power of targeted communication with SmartBloks' robust Email Campaigns feature.

Our platform provides intuitive tools for effortlessly creating and managing email campaigns.

Whether you're looking to engage your audience, promote new products, or drive conversions, our email campaign tools empower you to craft compelling messages and track their performance.

SMS & Email Autoresponder

Whatever device your clients are using, communicate seamlessly with SMARTBLOKS.

You can now instantly reach out to your booked clients through SMS and email right inside the app’s powerful dashboard.

Get maximum reach with less the effort!

Theme Ecosystem

Finished with your website but want to change the theme? No problem.

SMARTBLOKS is designed to instantly translate all your designs to fit into any template without any manual tinkering or adjusting.

Get pixel perfect websites every single time – even with last-minute changes.

Stock Images & Videos

Now you don’t have to buy a subscription to any external site with stock graphics.

We have you covered with our unlimited images and videos. High definition and perfect for every niche, these resources can be used within your site to enhance the visual appeal.

In-Built Image Editor

Don’t spend another precious moment on an editing tool.

You can edit your image using our in-built tool. It lets you enhance, crop and resize images to perfection and use them within your site instantly.

Multiple Pages

Sky’s the limit with SMARTBLOKS.

You can create multiple webpages as you like starting now. Single pages or sub-pages can be built instantly without any restrictions.

Unlimited Cloud Storage & Bandwidth

SMARTBLOKS is unlike any other website and mobile app building tool. It offers you unlimited cloud storage and bandwidth.

This means you can grow and increase your client-base without a second thought. You don’t have to constantly pay more to earn more. You simply have to pay once and go on expanding your agency with each passing day...there is no restriction whatsoever!

Embed Your Own Code

Personalization is king at SMARTBLOKS. You can add your unique touch to the website.

Simply insert your own code, edit the source code to your liking, or embed any code for your widgets in any language you prefer- CSS, Java or HTML.

Once finished, you can safekeep your creation by downloading/ee-porting your websites, including database types.

Social Media Buttons

Integrate your social media effortlessly by adding your profiles within SMARTBLOKS.

Now make your content viral using your websites!

Workspace & Team Member Access/Collaboration.

Get the full spectrum of sharing options to fit your needs.

SMARTBLOKS lets you completely restrict website access from anyone, or just website view access to your clients.

It’s also collaboration-friendly with the option to share full website edit access to your clients for customization.

Get peace of mind by having full control of how you want people to access your website.

Custom Domain

You can also integrate any professional domain name to your website. Simply connect the domain name by going to the domain tab and inserting your custom domain. It is possible to customize your subdomain too.

Fret not if you don’t have a domain name yet! You can also search for it using our in-built features.

Extensive Integration Options

SmartBloks seamlessly connects with a variety of tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, to provide you with comprehensive insights and maximize your online presence.

Whether you're tracking website traffic or optimizing your advertising efforts, our wide range of integrations ensures that you have everything you need to succeed.

Google Analytics

Dive into your website insights! Google Analytics offers a comprehensive tool to analyze website traffic and understand user behavior, empowering you with valuable data for strategic decisions.

Facebook Pixel

Master your ad performance! Facebook Pixel is your go-to for tracking conversions from Facebook ads, ensuring you stay on top of your advertising game


Design made simple! ClickDesigns allows you to effortlessly import design elements directly, unleashing your creativity without the hassle

Various CRM Systems

Strengthen customer relations! Explore a variety of CRM systems designed to streamline your customer relationship management, ensuring personalized and effective interactions.

Social Media Platforms

Amplify your voice! Leverage various social media platforms for seamless content sharing and engaging with your audience, taking your brand to new heights.

SEO Tools

Boost your online presence! SEO tools are your secret weapon for enhancing search engine optimization, making sure your website gets the visibility it deserves.

ADA Compliance Tools

Inclusive online experiences! ADA Compliance Tools are here to ensure your website is accessible to everyone, making a positive impact on your audience.

Cloud Hosting Compatibility

Enjoy the flexibility to choose your preferred Cloud Hosting Service seamlessly. Integrate any cloud hosting service effortlessly with SmartBloks and host your websites hassle-free. Whether it's AWS, Google Cloud, or others, SmartBloks ensures a smooth hosting experience for your created websites.

Design Tools

Elevate your design experience with a suite of powerful features, including autosave, ruler, custom fonts, and more. These tools are crafted to streamline your creative process, providing convenience and flexibility as you bring your vision to life.

Lead Capture Functionality:

Transform your website into a lead generation powerhouse with our effective tools. From customizable forms to engaging pop-ups, our lead capture functionality empowers you to build and expand your customer base effortlessly, ensuring you never miss out on valuable opportunities.

Stock Image and Video Library

Unleash your creativity with our extensive collection of high-quality images and videos. Access a diverse range of media resources to enhance the visual appeal of your website or mobile app. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for external stock graphics—we've got you covered with an abundance of stunning visuals for every niche.

Creative Tools

Ignite your artistic flair with innovative features like the Text to Art generator and other creative tools. Add a unique touch to your content and captivate your audience with eye-catching designs. Our creative toolbox is designed to inspire and simplify the process of crafting visually striking websites and apps.

Mobile Optimization

In a world where mobile traffic is booming, SmartBloks ensures your website stands out with a mobile-optimized design that exceeds user expectations.

Our responsive design automatically adjusts to different screen sizes, offering users a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience.

No more struggles with zooming or scrolling – SmartBloks ensures your website adapts to provide optimal viewing and interaction.

Sell Websites & Mobile Apps Internationally

The world is your playground with SMARTBLOKS. The websites and mobile apps can be translated in over 100 languages.

Accuracy is key and so we use Google translation services to help you reach out to global audiences through your website.

Payment Gateways

Choose from various payment gateways to streamline online transactions and provide flexibility for your customers.


Globally recognized, PayPal is widely used for secure and convenient online transactions, ensuring a seamless payment experience.


A popular choice for card payments and financial services, Stripe offers a reliable and user-friendly platform for online businesses.


Tailored for the Indian market, Razorpay provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in India, simplifying payment processes.


Widely used in Africa, especially in Nigeria, Paystack is a trusted payment gateway offering local solutions for the African market.


Focusing on African markets, Flutterwave is another reliable payment gateway, facilitating secure and efficient online transactions across the continent.


SMARTBLOKS online store feature helps you level up your e-commerce game unimaginably.

Now take stock of your product inventory, collect payments with PayPal/Stripe, redeem coupons within this powerful feature. It takes care of every-thing from storefront design, shipping manage-ment, and even customizing email notifications for your store.

Buying and selling through SMARTBLOKS is easy and 100% secure. Full robust module. All card transactions are secured with HTTPS protocols used by banks nationwide.

So now you can increase your sales exponentially without blinking an eyelid.

Create Unlimited Stores

Unlock endless business opportunities by effortlessly creating unlimited stores to cater to various niches and markets.

Add Digital Products

Diversify your product range by seamlessly adding digital products to your inventory, catering to a broader audience.

Add Physical Products

Easily incorporate physical products into your store, providing customers with a variety of tangible goods to choose from.

Accept Payments Online Through:






Built-In Currency Converter

(100+ Currencies Supported)

Email Notifications

Keep your customers in the loop with timely and automated email notifications, enhancing communication and customer engagement.

SMS Notifications

Provide real-time updates to customers through SMS notifications, ensuring prompt communication and a seamless shopping experience.

Shipping Management

Streamline your shipping processes with comprehensive shipping management tools, making order fulfillment a breeze.

Advanced Product Options

Showcase product variations, descriptions customizable catalogs with ease, allowing customers to choose from a range of options to suit their preferences.

Customer Accounts

Enhance the shopping experience by offering customer accounts, providing personalized services and order history tracking.

In Depth Analytics

Make informed decisions with detailed analytics that offer insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and overall store performance.

Cart Widget

Simplify the shopping process with a user-friendly cart widget, allowing customers to effortlessly manage their selections.

Discounts & Coupons

Increase sales and customer loyalty by implementing discounts and coupons, creating attractive incentives for shoppers.

Cart, Checkout, Orders And Payment Cards Page

Ensure a smooth shopping experience with dedicated pages for cart, checkout, orders, and payment cards, optimizing the purchasing process.

Product Catalog Page With Advanced Search

Facilitate effortless navigation for customers with a product catalog page featuring advanced search capabilities, making product discovery a breeze.

Grid & List Page Layout Type

Cater to diverse customer preferences with grid and list page layout options, providing a visually pleasing shopping experience.

Top & Related Product Column

Encourage customers to explore additional products with top and related product columns, offering curated suggestions based on their interests.

Product Description

Provide comprehensive product descriptions, empowering customers with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

User-Friendly Store Designs

Choose from a variety of page layouts and designs for your online store.

With different options to choose from, you can easily customize your store's design to showcase your products effectively and engage customers seamlessly.

Check out these stunning designs…

Order Management Systems

SmartBloks streamlines your order processing, ensuring efficient and hassle-free management of customer purchases.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your product inventory efforlessly with SmartBloks' user-friendly tools, providing you with real-time insights into stock levels.

Customer Review Systems

Gather valuable feedback from your customers with our intuitive review systems, allowing you to enhance your products and build trust.

Wishlist Features

SmartBloks enables your customers to save their favorite products for future reference, enhancing their shopping experience.

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Combat lost sales with SmartBloks' tools designed to recover abandoned carts, turning potential losses into successful transactions.

Cross-Selling Features

Promote related products seamlessly, boosting your sales and enhancing the overall shopping journey for your customers.

Upselling Opportunities

Increase your order value by strategically offering complementary products, maximizing your revenue potential.

Loyalty Programs

Encourage repeat business and foster customer loyalty with SmartBloks' loyalty program features, rewarding your customers for their continued support.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Manage your affiliate programs efficiently with SmartBloks, empowering you to expand your reach and drive more sales through collaborative efforts.

Automated Tax Calculations

Simplify your tax management process with our automated calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Global Payment Acceptance

Facilitate international transactions efforlessly, expanding your business's reach to a global audience.

User Account Creation

Offer your customers the convenience of creating accounts, providing them with a personalized shopping experience.

Customer Communication Tools

Utilize email and chat support features to stay connected with your customers, addressing their queries and concerns promptly.

Data Analysis Tools

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and sales patterns with SmartBloks' advanced data analysis tools, enabling informed decision-making.

Security Features

Ensure the utmost protection for your online store with SmartBloks' advanced security measures, safeguarding your customers' sensitive information.

SEO Optimization for Products

Elevate your products' visibility on search engines with effective SEO optimization, enhancing your online presence and attracting more potential customers.

Responsive Store Designs

Provide a seamless and user-friendly experience with responsive store designs that adapt to various devices. Customize layouts to meet your unique brand requirements effortlessly.

Secure Checkout Processes

Prioritize customer trust with secure checkout processes, ensuring that every transaction is safeguarded. Build confidence and loyalty by prioritizing the security of your customers' sensitive information.

Currency Converter

Go international without having to worry about different currencies.

SMARTBLOKS has an in-built currency converter so your buyers have everything they need to know without leaving the check-out page.

More Payment Configurations & Integration

Add a buyer-friendly payment system that’s designed to encourage your clients to click that checkout button.

SMARTBLOKS now supports additional payment integration to accommodate more clients and features an improved payment configuration to help you and your clients get more sales.

Your Own Blog

Connect with your audience like never before using our in-built blogging system.

You can integrate a blog within your website and mobile app that allows you to establish and retain a relationship with your customer base.

This is a sure-shot method to increase brand awareness and rank higher across search engines!

Check Out These Amazing Blogging Tools
Powered By AI…

Unlimited BlogPost

Write as many blog posts as you want without any limits – share your thoughts, stories, or anything you like

AI Caption Writer "Anna"

Let our smart helper "Anna" make your pictures stand out with catchy captions that she creates just for you.

AI Intro Writer "Anna"

Make your blogs interesting from the start with "Anna's" help – she'll craft cool intros to grab your readers' attention.

AI Blog Post Writer "Anna"

Turn your ideas into awesome articles effortlessly with "Anna," who helps you write without all the fuss.

Featured Posts

Show off your best work! Highlight important posts to make sure everyone sees them.

Blog Analytics

See how well your blog is doing with detailed stats – it helps you make your content even better.

Share Your Blog Posts to Social Media

Share your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp easily – reach more people with just a click.

Comment Management

Let your readers share their thoughts! Enable comments on your blog so everyone can talk about your posts

Social Share (LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, & Facebook)

Spread the word! Share your blog on social media to reach even more people and make your blog famous!

SEO Featuresfor Blogs

Supercharge your blog's discoverability by optimizing posts for search engines, ensuring your valuable content reaches a wider audience effectively.

Customizable Blog Layouts

Infuse personality into your blog with diverse and customizable layouts that match your unique content style, providing a visually appealing and engaging reading experience.

Image and Video Integration

Elevate your blog posts with the dynamic appeal of images and videos, enhancing your storytelling and capturing the attention of your audience with multimedia elements.

RSS Feed Integration

Expand your blog's reach by integrating RSS feeds, effortlessly distributing your content to a wider audience and keeping your readers updated with the latest posts

Email Subscription Options

Build a community around your blog by offering convenient email subscription options, fostering a loyal readership base eager to stay connected with your latest updates.

Guest Posting Features

Enrich your blog with diverse perspectives through guest posting features, providing opportunities for contributors to share their insights and experiences with your audience.

Content Scheduling

Simplify your content management with content scheduling, allowing you to plan and automate post publication, ensuring a consistent and timely flow of engaging content for your readers.

Interactive Website Elements:

Transform your website into an engaging experience with our interactive elements, featuring sliders, pop-ups, and dynamic content.

Capture your audience's attention with eye-catching sliders that showcase your key offerings.

Utilize strategically timed pop-ups to convey import-ant messages or encourage user interaction. With these interactive features, you can make your website more engaging and leave a lasting impres-sion on your visitors.

Diverse Widget Collection

Elevate your website or mobile app's functionality with our extensive collection of diverse widgets.

Whether you're looking to enhance user engagement, showcase dynamic content, or streamline specific tasks, our range of widgets has got you covered.

From interactive elements to practical tools, choose from various widget types to seamlessly integrate additional features that align with your specific needs.

Intuitive Form Builder [Supports embedding]

Not only can you place forms within your website and mobile app as per your preference.

You can customize them to include any details that you may want to collect from your customers.

SMARTBLOKS works seamlessly with top auto-responders and can be embedded onto your website using shortcode and onto your mobile app too.

The recaptcha feature lets you secure your forms from robots inviting only real customers.

Build User Engagement Tools

Boost your audience interaction with SmartBloks' User Engagement Tools, featuring polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Easily create dynamic polls to gauge opinions, insightful surveys to understand user preferences, and entertaining quizzes for an interactive experience.

By integrating these user engagement tools into your website, you not only capture attention but also foster a sense of participation, turning passive visitors into actively involved users.

Video Platforms

Spice up your website with engaging videos!

Whether you want to showcase product demos, share informative content, or narrate your story, we got you covered.

It's super easy – just drop in your videos, and see your website transform into an interactive and lively space that keeps visitors captivated!


Easily integrate YouTube videos into your site, leveraging the extensive content available on the platform to engage your audience.


Elevate your video content with Vimeo, a hosting service known for its professionalism, providing a polished and customizable video experience.


Tailored for business, Wistia offers a specialized video hosting service, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation for your corporate videos.

Website Content Protection [Membership Sites Feature]

Build membership sites using SMARTBLOKS.

There’s nothing more enticing than exclusive content.

SMARTBLOKS lets you protect pages or sections of website and app with password or completely hide some sections, letting you create exclusive features for membership content or secret content that can be unlocked by your customers.

Create hype and unlockable content inside your website in a few clicks.

User Account Creation

Allow members to effortlessly create personal accounts, ensuring a smooth start to their journey.

Membership Levels

Explore different membership tiers, each offering unique access levels, catering to diverse user preferences.

Content Restriction

Tailor access to your content based on membership levels, ensuring a personalized and exclusive experience for each member.

Payment Integration

Enjoy hassle-free payments with support for recurring transactions through various secure gateways.

Member Management

Use intuitive tools to manage member information and subscriptions, making administration a breeze.

Community Building Tools

Foster member interaction and community growth with features designed to build a sense of belonging.

Automated Email Notifications

Receive automated email notifications for membership renewals and updates, keeping members informed.

Analytics for Members

Gain insights into member engagement and behavior through analytics, empowering informed decisions.

Customizable Member Profiles

Offer a personalized experience with customizable member profiles, allowing individuals to express themselves uniquely.

Secure Login and Authentication

Receive automated email notifications for membership renewals and updates, keeping members informed.

Integration with Autoresponders

Integrate with autoresponders for effective member communication and marketing, enhancing member experience.

Membership Analytics

Track the growth and engagement of your members with analytics, providing valuable data for strategic decisions.

Create Business Websites

Create stunning websites for businesses effortlessly with SmartBloks.

Our easy-to-use tools let you add all the important business features, showcase services, and highlight achievements.

From cool designs to easy navigation, SmartBloks ensures your clients get an amazing online platform.

Creating powerful business websites has never been this simple.

Professional Templates

Stand out in your industry with professionally designed templates tailored to your specific business niche, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive online presence.

Contact Forms and Maps

Facilitate seamless communication with customers by providing easy-to-use contact forms and interactive maps, allowing them to connect with your business effortlessly.

Service and Product Showcases

Effectively highlight your products and services with SmartBloks, providing an engaging and informative showcase that captivates potential clients and encourages conversion.

Testimonials and Reviews

Build credibility and trust among your audience by showcasing positive testimonials and reviews, leveraging satisfied customer experiences to establish your business as a reliable choice.

SEO Optimization

Boost your website's search engine visibility and expand your reach with SmartBloks' powerful SEO optimization tools, ensuring your business gets noticed by a wider audience.

Responsive Design

Deliver an exceptional user experience on every device, as SmartBloks ensures your website is not only visually appealing but also easily accessible and functional across various platforms.

Custom Domain Integration

Establish a professional online presence with a custom domain that reflects your brand identity, enhancing credibility and recognition among your target audience.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your website's performance and user behavior with SmartBloks' analytics and reporting features, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Email Marketing Integration

Seamlessly integrate email marketing tools to stay connected with your audience, enabling effective customer outreach and engagement strategies that drive business growth.

Team Collaboration Tools

Enhance teamwork and efficiency in managing your website by leveraging SmartBloks' collaborative features, facilitating smooth communication and coordinated efforts among team members.

Security Features

Prioritize the safety of your business and customer data with SmartBloks' advanced security measures, ensuring a secure online environment for both you and your visitors.

Regular Backups

Guarantee the safety and continuity of your website with SmartBloks' regular backup system, providing peace of mind by preserving your valuable data in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Create Local Business Websites

Create a standout website for your local business efforlessly with SmartBloks.

Our easy-to-use tools let you add essential features, showcase services, and highlight achievements. From sleek designs to user-friendly navigation, SmartBloks ensures your business shines online.

With SmartBloks, empower your local business with a professional website that stands out in your community.

Location-Based SEO Optimization

Elevate your business's local presence and connect with nearby customers through optimized local search visibility. Make your mark in the community with SmartBloks.

Google Maps Integration

Simplify customer navigation and enhance their experience by integrating Google Maps seamlessly into your website. Your location is just a click away for anyone seeking your products or services.

Local Reviews Integration

Build trust and credibility by proudly displaying positive local reviews. Let the community speak for your business, creating a compelling case for potential customers.

Opening Hours and Contact Information

Ensure your customers have all the essential information at their fingertips, from your operating hours to contact details. Make it easy for them to engage with your business.

Event Promotion Tools

Drive local engagement and foot traffic by shining a spotlight on your upcoming events and promotions. SmartBloks helps you turn every event into a community celebration.

Gallery of Local Activities

Share the vibrancy of your local involvement and services through an engaging gallery. Let your potential customers see the heart of your business

Localized Content

Speak directly to your community's interests and needs by tailoring your content. SmartBloks empowers you to create a website that resonates with your local audience.

Social Proof Features

Bolster your credibility with local testimonials and endorsements prominently displayed on your site. Let your community vouch for the quality of your products or services.

Multilingual Support

Break language barriers and connect with a broader audience by offering multilingual support. SmartBloks ensures your message is understood by diverse local communities.

Community Engagement Tools

Foster a sense of community and interaction by incorporating features designed to engage your local customers. Turn your website into a virtual gathering place.

Local Payment Options

Simplify transactions for your customers by providing familiar, region-specific payment options. Make it convenient for them to support your business.

Mobile Optimization

Cater to the needs of your local customers by ensuring your website is mobile-optimized. With SmartBloks, your business is accessible wherever your customers go.

Create Booking & Reservation Websites

Build your booking and reservation website effortlessly with SmartBloks.

Our easy-to-use tools help you showcase your services, simplify bookings, and impress your audience.

SmartBloks ensures a modern design and smooth navigation for your website, making it stand out online. Create a professional online presence that captivates your audience.

Online Booking System

Enable hassle-free appointments, reservations, and ticket sales online with our intuitive booking system

Calendar Integration

Easily manage your schedule and availability through seamless calendar integration.

Automated Confirmation Emails / SMS

Keep your customers informed with automated emails and SMS for booking confirmations and reminders.

Payment Integration for Bookings

Accept deposits or full payments online, providing convenient payment options for your customers.

Customer Management

Track booking history and preferences, ensuring personalized and efficient service.

Customizable Booking Forms

Tailor your booking forms to suit specific service offerings, making the process smooth and straightforward.

Resource Management

Efficiently allocate resources for bookings, optimizing your business operations.

Analytics for Bookings

Gain valuable insights into booking trends and peak times to enhance your business strategy.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Options

Offer flexibility with easy booking management, including cancellation and rescheduling options.

Special Offers and Discounts

Boost bookings with enticing promotions, special offers, and discounts for your customers.

Multi-User Access

Streamline staff management with di-ferent access levels, ensuring efficient collaboration

Customer Reviews for Services

Build trust and credibility by showcasing customer feedback, enhancing your online reputation.

Template Catalogue

Forget about web design apps that charge an arm and a leg for templates.

Choose from a selection of professionally-designed templates that are made to fit whatever niche you’re in.

Simply pick from the extensive Template Catalogue, customize it to your taste, and that’s it!

You can also opt to subscribe to the new monthly tem-plates regularly added in-app.

360 Degree Spin Video Creator

Want to give that try-before-you-buy experience to your clients 100% virtually?

SMARTBLOKS lets you embed interactive virtual tours inside your website so you can immerse your clients ef-fortlessly.

You can also upload and embed 360 3D/AR images and showcase them on your website in a few clicks.

Full-Blown Booking Feature

Say goodbye to old-fashioned spreadsheets and expensive third-party booking apps.

SMARTBLOKS supports appointment scheduling, calendar, and ticketing so you can manage your clients effortlessly.

Take Paid Bookings

Appointments Schedule

Sell Event Tickets

Unlimited Bookings

Take as many bookings as you want – no limits!

SMS Notifications

Send instant updates through SMS notifications for all your bookings.

Email Notifications

Send email notifications for every booking

Booking Analytics

Make smart choices based on easy-to-understand info about your bookings

Multiple Payment Integrations

SmartBloks offers a range of payment integrations, including popular services like…






Free Cloud Hosting

Your websites, any number of them, are hosted on our rock-solid cloud servers! You can expand your web of sites without any problems and at no extra cost! You can also customize the domain names as you like!

Seamlessly Integrate Any Autoresponders You Can Think Of!

Instantly reach out to your customers to begin making profits within minutes.

SmartBloks seamlessly integrates with a whopping 20 of the top autoresponders, making it a breeze for you to sync up your communication effortlessly.We've got the heavy hitters covered…


Supercharge your emails effortlessly! Aweber is your go-to for seamless email marketing and automation, making your communication with customers a breeze.


Tailored for creators like you! Simplify your email marketing journey with Convertkit, designed to cater to your unique needs.

Active Campaign

Your all-in-one solution! Active Campaign not only masters email marketing but also provides a comprehensive CRM system, ensuring you've got everything covered.


The crowd's favorite! Mailchimp is your widely trusted platform for effective and user-friendly email marketing – making your campaigns a hit.


Keep it simple, keep it powerful! Benchmark offers an easy yet robust email marketing toolkit to enhance your communication strategy effortlessly.


Manage campaigns like a pro! GetResponse brings you the best of email marketing and online campaign management to elevate your business game.


Elevate your e-commerce game! Klaviyo specializes in e-commerce email marketing, ensuring your business stands out in the digital marketplace.


All-encompassing power! Hubspot provides a broad spectrum of marketing, sales, and service software, making your business operations seamless


Automate with ease! Automizy is your go-to tool for streamlining email processes, ensuring your messages reach the right audience at the right time.


Email magic at your fingertips! Mailvio is a user-friendly email marketing tool, making sure your campaigns hit the mark.unique needs.


Multichannel mastery! Sendiio is your platform for comprehensive multi-channel marketing, covering all your communication needs.


Simple yet effective! Mailerlite brings simplicity and effectiveness to your email marketing efforts, ensuring optimal results.


Automation at its best! Moosend offers marketing automation and email marketing, giving you the tools for effective communication.


Automate your business! Ontraport is your partner in business automation, simplifying your operations for greater efficiency.


Billing made easy! Pabbly not only handles email marketing but also excels in subscription billing, providing a complete business solution.

SendinBlue (Brevo)

Email and SMS in one place! SendinBlue (Brevo) is your comprehensive platform for managing both email and SMS marketing effortlessly.


Diversify your channels! Sendpulse is your multi-channel marketing platform, ensuring your message reaches your audience through various channels.


Streamlined automation! SendLane specializes in email marketing automation, making your campaigns efficient and effective.


All-in-one simplicity! Kartra serves as an all-in-one online business platform, streamlining your marketing and business processes.


Connect with customers seamlessly! Sendgrid offers a comprehensive platform for customer communication through both transactional and marketing emails.

Email Marketing Supercharge:

Boost your email marketing game with SmartBloks, as it streamlines your campaigns by integrating seamlessly with powerful tools. It's not just about sending emails; it's about sending them smarter and more effectively.

Web & Mobile Security [FREE SSL]

SMARTBLOKS makes sure your websites are 100% secure. Secure socket layer aka SSL is needed by every single website!

After all, it could adversely impact your SEO rankings if you don’t have it. Information simply cannot be obtained from visitors unless you provide them with a secure portal.

This is especially important for E-commerce clients who need to sell through the site. No one wants their clients’ credit card details to be leaked and for negative feedback to float the internet! SMARTBLOKS leaves no stone unturned to make your experience worry-free!

User-Friendly Interface

SmartBloks is designed for everyone with its easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring that even beginners can effortlessly create a stunning website.

Customizable Layouts

Tailor your website to match your unique style by choosing from a variety of flexible layout options, making it stand out from the crowd.

Rich Media Support

Elevate your content by seamlessly integrating videos, images, and audio elements, providing a dynamic and visually appealing experience for your visitors.

Interactive Design Features

Keep your audience engaged with SmartBloks' interactive elements, making your website not only informative but also enjoyable to explore.

Feedback Mechanisms

Gather insights from your audience through built-in feedback tools, empowering you to refine and enhance your site based on valuable input.

Compliance Features

Stay worry-free about legalities with SmartBloks, ensuring your website adheres to standards and regulations without any hassle.

Community Support

Join our vibrant user community, where you can exchange tips and advice with fellow SmartBloks enthusiasts, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment..

User Access Control

Manage your website's security effortlessly by controlling who can access and edit your content, providing peace of mind.

Data Export and Import

Enjoy seamless data management by easily importing and exporting data with SmartBloks, streamlining your workflow.

Scalability Options

As your business grows, SmartBloks grows with you, adapting to the changing needs of your expanding online presence.

Integration Flexibility

Connect SmartBloks with your favorite tools and platforms, ensuring a smooth and integrated workflow tailored to your preferences.

Performance Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your website's eff-ciency and make data-driven decisions with SmartBloks' performance monitoring tools.

Emergency Support

Rest easy knowing that our dedicated support team is ready to assist you promptly with any urgent issues that may arise.

Sustainable Practices

Make eco-friendly choices for your website's hosting with SmartBloks, contributing to a sustainable and responsible online presence.

User-Generated Content

Foster community engagement by easily incorporating user-generated content, creating a more interactive and dynamic website.

Virtual Reality Options

Explore the possibilities of adding virtual reality elements to your website, providing an immersive and cutting-edge user experience.

Augmented Reality Features

Enhance user interaction further by integrating augmented reality features, making your website truly innovative and captivating.

Cloud-Based Application

Enjoy the convenience of accessing SmartBloks from anywhere with its cloud-based architecture, offering flexibility and ease of use.

Proven & Stable Product

Rely on the stability of SmartBloks, a product perfected over a year of research and development with input from hundreds of active beta users, promising high commissions and a reliable performance from day one.

Dedicated Support & Regular Updates

Experience the assurance of ongoing support and regular updates for the first 12 months, ensuring your SmartBloks journey is smooth and up-to-date.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included


Efficient Project Management:

With SmartBloks, you can streamline your website projects, ensuring tasks are organized effectively, deadlines are met, and projects progress smoothly from start to finish.

Enhanced Team Collaboration:

SmartBloks provides a suite of tools that foster collaboration among team members, allowing them to communicate seamlessly, share ideas, and work together more effectively to achieve project goals.

Simplified Collaboration and Project Management:

SmartBloks offers a range of features designed to facilitate teamwork and project coordination, making it simple for team members to interact, share updates, and manage tasks efficiently throughout the project lifecycle.

Stay Updated with SmartBloks

SmartBloks regularly updates its software to make it better and more efficient. This means you'll always have access to the latest features and improvements. We're dedicated to keeping things fresh and up-to-date so that your experience with SmartBloks is always top-notch.

Daily Website Backups

All your content and changes are safe with us!

Our rock-solid cloud servers take a daily backup of your data...giving you full access to your website without any chance of losing vital information.

Deep Analytics & Tracking

We track your website to give you information that helps you grow. Effortlessly find out about your website visits, views, users, top performing products, real time traffic chart, revenue. Use all these factors to make your site bigger and better

24X7 Support

For anything that you may need, any questions or any support… our team of experts are behind you 100% at any time!

Training & Tutorials

Our web resource has been created to cater to all your needs and make you self-sufficient.

It is full of articles, videos and FAQs that can get you instantly started and fix all your issues without speaking to anyone!

Product creators

To present their new products and their features

Video Marketers

To promote their video ads

Digital Product Sellers

To showcase their app demos

Affiliate Marketers

To promote & sell their affiliate offers


To give a glimpse of their ambience and food to their customers


To give a virtual tour of their property including guest rooms, gym, spa, restaurants and other facilities


To inform potential customers about their new offers and services


follower base by promoting video To increase their subscribers and ads


To launch their new collection and designs


To increase subscribers and viewers on their latest vlog


To showcase their space and packages


To share their newest videos faster


To promote their clinic and services


To present their newest projects


To display their clients feedback

Interior Designers

To showcase their newest designs for different parts of the house

Car Dealers

To launch new cars & offer special prices

Life Coaches

To increase the audience for their events


To give a property tour to their clients


To promote their facilities and client testimonials


To launch new albums and announce events


To attract more members by promoting their deals

And basically every business EVER

SmartBloks Vs. Other Website Builders

AI website generator
Create website from Scratch
Parallax Websites (effects)
Website templates 100 20 400+ 5
Design blocks 150+ 50+ 100+
Unlimited websites 100 50
Drag and drop editor
Unlimited website pages
AI Content writer
Team member access
Free High-Security SSL
Free Unlimited Hosting
Export website
Autoresponder 20 14 Need paid plugins 14 3
Full ADA widget
Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Storage
Advanced SEO settings (sitemap, robot.txt, cover image)
Text to Art
Upload favicon
Google Analytics
Facebook pixel
Save and reuse blocks
Video background
Custom domains
Embed Code
Block dividers
Design Ruler
Image filter & animation

SmartBloks Vs. Other Blogging Tools

Unlimited blog posts
AI caption writer
AI Intro writer
AI blog post writer
Featured posts
Blog Analytics (views, top performing post, and much more)
Social Share (facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp)
Accept comments and reply comments
Embed blog post on your website (blog widget)
Add Media(images and videos inside your blog post)

SmartBloks Vs. Other E-Commerce/Store Builders

Unlimited Stores
Payment Options 5 2
Digital Products
Physical Products
Store Currency
Email notifications
Product Variations (Size, weight, color)
Customer accounts
In Depth Analytics (Top performing products, Sales, refunds and much more)
Coupon system
Cart widget
Related products

SmartBloks Vs. Other Booking Tools

Payment Options 5 2
Unlimited appointments
Unlimited tickets
Email autoresponder
Sms Autoresponder
Time Zones
Booking analytics

SmartBloks Vs. Other Form Builders

Unlimited Forms
Embed form on your website
Autoresponder 20 14 Need paid plugins 14 3
File download
Form templates
Save your forms as template
Form Styling
Unlimited Form Leads 100,000
Form Submission success message

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included


You Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses!
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Article-2-Voice Creator

Easily convert any articles into a human-like voice.

Simply copy-paste your article or content, pick the access and in just a few minutes and a click of a button, download an MP3 audio with text- to-speech of your articles for free. No need to use any API key or anything like that.

Turn anyone's blog post into an audio, take that audio and con-vert into video and you have a brand new course ready that you can publish using Udemy Style website.


Courseable TrafficBlaster

For traffic, you need to focus on Pinterest and with the Courseable TrafficBlaster app.

With this app you will be able to automate your entire Pinterest marketing.

You will be able to create boards and publish on pinterest on autopilot, generating 1000s of visitors every day for free.


SEO Software Pro

Simple yet powerful software application perfect for webmasters that are interested to check rankings in Google for any given keyword.

This software will help you get more traffic.

Get this awesome software with CourseReel today!

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Every business is currently in the same boat. Everyone needs a good online presence to survive in this digital age but many don’t even have a website or a mobile app.

Those who do have a website or app... have shabby ones that give them next to no re-sults!

That’s where you come in... SMARTBLOKS lets you create effective websites and prr-fessional mobile apps INSTANTLY without any effort from your end.

I know you’re anxious to get SMARTBLOKS with all of its incredible features, but I just want to up the ante and over deliver a bit more ok?

That’s why I’m going to make sure that you get a commercial license with your investment in SMARTBLOKS at no additional charge today.

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This is huge and can pay for your investment in SMARTBLOKS many times over.

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  • Commercial License - Create Websites & Sell
  • Create websites from a keyword or templates or AI Assistant in real-time
  • AI Assistant to create website for you
  • Create iOS & Android Mobile App
  • Publish the Mobile Apps on Google Play Store
  • AI Website Content Writer
  • AI Website Design Creator
  • Create & Manage Upto 50 Websites & Apps
  • No need for Domain or web hosting
  • Move websites & apps to your own hosting
  • Fully Mobile responsive
  • Import Websites & Website Templates
  • Export Websites & Website Templates
  • SMS & Email Autoresponders
  • Create 360 Degree Spin Videos
  • Get Online Booking Feature
  • 5+ Payment Processor Integration
  • Sell Event Tickets
  • Booking Analytics
  • Change Theme Ecosystem
  • Marketplace Web design gigs directly from freelance websites
  • Automatic ADA compliant websites
  • SEO friendly sites/settings
  • Access In-Built Image Editor
  • Unlimited Websites Leads
  • Unlimited Stock Images
  • Unlimited Stock Videos
  • AI Text-To-WebArt Creator
  • Monthly Website Reports & Recommendations
  • New & Custom Fonts
  • Create Custom Blogs with Unlimited Blog Posts
  • AI Caption Writer For Blogs
  • AI Intro Writer For Blogs
  • AI Blog Post Writer For Blogs
  • Share Blog Posts & Pages To Social Media
  • Advanced Analytics For Blogs
  • Build E-Commerce Stores with Products
  • Customer Accounts for E-Com Stores
  • Coupons, Checkout, Order Forms, Shipping, Notification for E-Com
  • Show Top Seller & Related Products On Pages
  • Create Multiple Pages
  • Cloud Storage & Bandwidth
  • Add Social Media Buttons
  • Custom Code Injection (add your codes)
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Over 50 Draggable Building Blocks
  • 8 Menus-Types & 5 Footer Types
  • Convert block to modal/popup
  • File manager
  • Custom Subdomain feature
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Free High-Security SSL
  • Add Custom Domain
  • Free High-Security SSL on Custom Domain
  • Website Revision & history
  • Shortcode Enabled Content Embedding
  • Protected content - Create Membership Pages
  • Analytics
  • Site Traffic Real-Time Chart
  • Robust Form builder
  • 29+ Widgets For All Websites & Pages
  • 20+ AutoResponder integrations
  • Dedicated Support & Regular Updates - 12 months
  • Detailed Training Included - Video + PDF
  • BONUS TRAINING WEBINAR: How to Make Fast Cash Using SmartBloks!

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"Before AISellers, I constantly struggled to handle content creation for my marketing agency clients. But AISellers' artificial intelligence now automatically generates tailored landing pages, opt-in pages, ebooks, 32 different video types, ads, and other assets for each of my clients in minutes! All I provide is basic business details and the AI does the rest. This revolutionary app has made client fulfillment 10x faster, letting me take on more accounts without burnout or sacrificing quality. AISellers is an indispensable tool for marketing agencies and consultants looking to scale. I'm so glad I started using it!"

Content Marketer

"AISellers is brilliant! I'm just starting out in digital marketing and was so overwhelmed trying to learn all the different skills like making videos, writing sales copy, designing websites, etc. This app makes it dead simple - I just put in the details and the AI generates amazing marketing campaigns tailored to my clients automatically. It's like having an entire creative agency team but without the huge costs. If you're new to online marketing or simply want to scale your agency, AISellers is an absolute game changer. 5 stars!"

Affiliate Marketer

"As a freelancer and mum of two, I have very little spare time so efficiency is critical. AISellers has been an answer to my prayers. Simply entering a few client details generates a huge range of marketing materials tailored to their specific business - promo videos, social posts, email sequences, landing pages, the works. The artificial intelligence even uses text-to-speech to create voiceovers saving me tons of production time. I can now take on more clients and maximise my income in a fraction of the time. If you need to scale up your freelancing business, you need AISellers, full stop!"

Digital Agency Owner

My mates and I run a digital marketing agency together. Creating custom videos, landing pages, opt-ins, ebooks, and ads for all our clients was becoming exhausting. But then we found AISellers! This brilliant app uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate optimized marketing campaigns tailored to each client in minutes. We simply provide business details and AISellers creates websites, 32 different video styles, graphics, emails, and more. It's like having a 24/7 creative team without the costs! AISellers handles all the hard work so we can focus on winning new accounts. It's an absolute game changer for any agency or marketing professional. Wish we had it sooner!"


"Before using AISellers, I was constantly overwhelmed trying to handle content creation for my clients in my digital marketing agency. It was negatively impacting both my mental health and my business. But ever since integrating AISellers into my workflow, my stress levels and workload have drastically reduced! Now the AI automatically generates a huge variety of optimized marketing assets for each of my clients with just a few clicks. I simply provide the business details and the artificial intelligence handles the rest. I'm able to take on more clients without burnout. AISellers has been a total game changer for my agency and my own wellbeing. I wish I had found it sooner!"

Online Entrepreneur

This is Abhi Dwivedi


and I look forward to welcoming you into the SMARTBLOKS family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How easy is it to use SMARTBLOKS?

SMARTBLOKS is as easy as ABC. Your kid in school could make profits instantly using this sophisticated technology. All one needs to do is point and click and enter a few words to create websites and mobile apps that will sell for the top dollar. You don’t need to have any experience or special skills!

Q: What if I don’t enjoy using SMARTBLOKS?

That would be sad, wouldn’t it? But only for us! We have designed this technology for you. So, when you buy SMARTBLOKS today, you also get a 14 day money back guarantee from our end. If you don’t enjoy it, simply say the word and you will receive the entire amount back as per our 14-days refund policy. More details in the REFUND POLICY link below!

Q: Is SMARTBLOKS Windows and Mac compatible?

SMARTBLOKS works like magic using any OS or device. It is hosted on reliable cloud servers so you can log on from anywhere at any time.

Q: Do you charge any monthly fees?

For a limited (very short) period of time, SMARTBLOKS is being offered at the lowest one-time cost ever. So you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. But, should you delay your purchase...you will lose this incredible opportunity and will have to pay a recurring fee.

Q: Will I get any training or support for my questions?

Yes, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts are available round the clock to provide you the support that you need. Step-by-step training is also included to make you an expert within minutes.

Q: Do I need to download & install SMARTBLOKS somewhere?

You have got nothing to download or install ever. We push automatic updates through the cloud to make your experience bigger and better.

One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | Commercial License Included